Catering the highest quality medicines to the globe at a very reasonable price..


Catering the highest quality medicines to the globe at a very reasonable price..

About us

With a remarkable imprint all over the globe, allopathic medicines are the most widely used medicines. Continuing this availability, we, Accretion Pharmaceuticals, are an influential Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of these antibiotics. Established in the year 2012, we have been vibrant in the processing of Allopathic Medicines, Allopathic Tablets in the form of Tablets, Capsules and Syrups. Our company is promoted by highly experienced and technically qualified staff for every supply that we provide. Team Work is our major positive factor and so each department of our company is harmonized in such a way that the work flow is intact and highly efficient. 

We own a Revised Schedule license and a plant facility is being constructed by us for the ease of manufacturing and it is under the consent of WHO guidelines. Further more, we are issued a Drug Manufacturing License by FDCA, to manufacture our Tables, Oral Liquids, etc.

Allopathy: The most prevalent form of medicine

One of the most significant benefit of allopathic medicines and Allopathic Tablets is that it excels in handling life threatening illness and injuries. The most serious infections can easily be cured with allopathic medicines. Major medicinal survey reports reveal that allopathic antibiotics save countless lives every year. There are many such ailments that require fast cure, and only allopathic medicines have the exceptional feature of fast healing. Therefore, usage of such medicines in encouraged worldwide in a large scale. Each chemical used has its own special characteristic in allopathic medicines, and that always provide the desired cure or remedy.

Salient features of our allopathic medicines

Some salient features of our offered allopathic medicines, because of which they are preferred for medical treatments are outlined below:

  • Each single chemical that is to be used, is thoroughly tested prior to its assemblance in the making of these medicines
  • To achieve zero error, we have developed our own standard operating procedures for each and every steps starting from raw material issuing to final dispatch
  • Our distribution and export management is flawless, and it ensures fast and on-time delivery of our products
  • No medicine is processed before its decent testing in our laboratories to extinguish every type of problems it may incur
  • Our products are finely labeled to avoid any confusion regarding its expiry date, manufacturing date, chemicals used, etc.

Infrastructure And Quality Management

With a buildup area spread in more than 12,000 square feet, our company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which is in complete accordance with the WHO. To exceed in quantity of regulatory compliance as well as customer's satisfaction, we are constantly upgrading our facilities by expanding our firms.

Our Manufacturing Premises Features:

Some major USP of our manufacturing plant are listed below:

  • The whole building is based on RCC frame structure & internal surface of the wall is plastered with impervious material
  • There are double flushed view panels in the passage areas for easy inspection
  • Doors & windows are made of steel, glass and aluminum frame & Steel/Glass
  • No asbestos or wood is used in the manufacturing area
  • Our factory is totally free of pests and termite
  • With the use of stainless steel furniture is made
  • All Floor's height as per the Food And Drug Control Administration(FDCA) norms
  • We have conceal electric wires and water pipes inside the flooring, ceiling and wall

Our Manufacturing Utility

  • Our plant has Separate Air Handling Unit (AHU) at all zones with total 11 AHUs fitted in the manufacturing facility
  • We have an in-house purify water plant for reverse osmosis water & demineralized water.
  • We have fully equipped Microbiology laboratory as well
  • We have fully equipped Physiochemical laboratory under the same roof
  • To prevent air-contamination Air-Curtains & PVC curtains are installed at requisite places
  • We have installed ETP as per Gujarat Pollution Control Board(GPCB).
  • There are separate dispensing booths for API & Excipients that avoids contamination
  • There are different areas for each critical processing zones to totally avoid cross contamination.
  •  The plant is facilitated with air compression and moisture separator
  • Fire fighting equipment are installed in the factory
  • The plant has 24 hours security presence

Quality Assurance 

At Accretion, we believe entirely in quality management system. We have our own in-house infrastructure which is sufficiently equipped with fully functional laboratories for various testing of our distinct medicines. We have separate Physico-Chemical Laboratories, Instrumental Analytical Laboratories and Microbiological Testing Laboratory. These Laboratories have well qualified staff, which is able to carry out the testings very smoothly as per IP, BP and USP. In addition to this, our quality controllers team keeps an regular eye in the manufacturing of our products and ensures that the quality of these medicines remain unharmed.

List of Lab Instruments:

Following are the testing instruments used by our quality controllers in our laboratory are:

  • Spectrophotometer (Visible & UV)
  • Oven
  • Digital PH meter
  • PH electrode
  • Friability Test Apparatus (single pan)
  • Disintegration Test Apparatus (single pan)
  • Dissolution Test Apparatus for 6 test
  • Polarimeter
  • Refractometer
  • Centrifuge
  • Balance
  • Hardness Tester Monsanto Type (2)
  • Hardness Tester Pfizer Type
  • Magnetic Sterrer
  • IR Moisture Balance
  • Auto Karl Fischer Apparatus
  • Universal Titrator
  • Waterbath
  • Hot Plate

  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Laminar Air Flow
  •  Zone Reader
  •  Colony Counter
  •  Microscope
  •  Auto Clave
  •  BOD incubator
  •  Media Plate
  •  Culture Tube
  •  Glass Slide
  •  Glass Shant
  •  Refrigerator
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